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Bikini Buyers Gift Guide

1. Fashionista: For the girl who sees the sand as her runway and her bikini as the ultimate style statement, you’ll need something with a “WOW” factor. Our Celestial Fringe Top and Estella Bottoms will leave this girl feeling like a superstar all Summer long.

2. Retro Babe: Never underestimate the power of a classic red bikini. For the girl who lives her life through a retro-colored filter, the timeless silhouette of the Demi Bandeau and Monique bottom is guaranteed to please the queen of kitsch.

3. Girly Girl: Why not add some extra femme to her bikini arsenal? The Hanki Panky skirted bottom paired with the ultra sweet Ariel Bandeau, both in her fave minty-fresh shade, are perfect for the girls who truly enjoy being girls!

4. Indie Queen: For your friend who knows every band, underground fashion label, and cool bar eons before you ever did- the Cozumel Peek-A-Boo top and Foxy Bottoms will have her, and all her cool friends,¬†asking “Where did you find that?!”

5. Sporty Spice: This girl needs a bikini that will look good AND stay in place as she’s hittin’ the surf. The Strapback Top and Low Down bottom are both reversible, for maximum styling options, AND will keep the “girls” in place all day long.

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